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Do this before house cleaning appointment

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Is there any important information to convey to the provider before the house cleaning appointment?

When it comes to scheduling a house cleaning appointment, many homeowners often wonder if there is any crucial information they should share with the cleaning service provider. The answer is a resounding yes! Effective communication with your cleaning service provider is key to ensuring a successful and satisfactory cleaning experience. In this article, we will delve into the essential details you should convey to your house cleaning service before the appointment. From specific cleaning instructions to special considerations, we’ve got you covered.

1. Cleaning Priorities

Before the cleaning crew arrives at your doorstep, it’s crucial to communicate your cleaning priorities. Whether you want a thorough deep clean, focus on specific areas, or have any special requests, make sure to articulate these preferences clearly. This ensures that the cleaning team knows exactly what you expect from the service.

Discussing Specific Areas

If certain areas of your home require extra attention, such as the kitchen, bathroom, or a particular room, specify it. This will help the cleaning professionals allocate their time and resources effectively.

how to deep clean sofa at home

2. Allergies and Sensitivities

Safety is paramount when it comes to house cleaning. If you or any family members have allergies or sensitivities to cleaning products, make sure to inform the cleaning service provider in advance. They can then use suitable, hypoallergenic products to ensure a comfortable environment for everyone.

Pet Allergies

If you have pets, it’s crucial to mention this, especially if anyone in your household is allergic to them. This information will enable the cleaning team to take appropriate precautions.

3. Access to Your Home

Ensure that the cleaning crew can easily access your home. Provide any necessary details, such as gate codes, special instructions for entry, or arrangements for a spare key if you won’t be present during the cleaning appointment. This will prevent any delays or inconveniences.

Security Measures

Discuss security measures with your cleaning service provider. Knowing your home’s security system details is essential to avoid any accidental alarms.

4. Valuables and Fragile Items

If you have valuable or fragile items in your home, communicate their presence to the cleaning team. This includes antiques, delicate decor, or valuable electronics. Clear instructions on how to handle these items will prevent accidents.

Delicate Surfaces

Inform the cleaning professionals about any delicate surfaces or materials in your home that require special care. This includes hardwood floors, marble countertops, or fine china.

5. Cleaning Supplies

Discuss whether you prefer the cleaning service to bring their own supplies or if you have specific products you’d like them to use. This ensures that the cleaning team has the necessary equipment to meet your expectations.

Eco-Friendly Products

If you have a preference for eco-friendly or green cleaning products, let your provider know in advance. Many cleaning services offer these options.

6. Special Requests

Do you have any special requests or instructions for the cleaning team? Whether it’s a particular cleaning technique, avoiding certain areas, or using specific cleaning tools, don’t hesitate to communicate these details.

Customized Services

A reputable cleaning service will be willing to accommodate your special requests to provide a personalized cleaning experience.

7. Appointment Changes

Life can be unpredictable, and sometimes you might need to reschedule or cancel your cleaning appointment. Ensure that you understand the provider’s policies on appointment changes, fees, and notice periods.

8. Payment and Pricing

Discuss payment methods and pricing details with your cleaning service provider. Clarify any doubts about the cost of the service, additional fees, or discounts.


Effective communication is the foundation of a successful house cleaning appointment. By conveying important information to your cleaning service provider, you ensure that your expectations are met, and your home is cleaned to your satisfaction. So, before your next house cleaning appointment, remember to discuss your cleaning priorities, allergies, access, valuables, cleaning supplies, special requests, appointment changes, and payment details. With clear communication, you can enjoy a clean and comfortable home without any worries.

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