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Precision Redefined: APT Medical’s Distail™ Microcatheter for Peripheral Interventions

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Ijaz from Digital Ranker Dubai

The Distail™ Microcatheter by APT Medical is a groundbreaking tool that elevates peripheral intervention with its cutting-edge features and comprehensive specifications. Designed to meet the diverse anatomical needs of patients, this microcatheter offers six different tip options, a triple-layer catheter body, clear visibility, and a range of accessories. With its superior engineering and user-friendly design, the Distail™ Microcatheter empowers medical professionals to achieve exceptional precision and outcomes in peripheral interventions.

Comprehensive Accessories for Seamless Procedural Flow

To streamline procedural flow and enable efficient peripheral interventions, all Distail™ Microcatheter specifications are equipped with essential accessories. This includes a shaping needle, guidewire introducer, torque device, and syringe for embolic agent delivery. Furthermore, all straight microcatheters are compatible with a micro guidewire, providing medical professionals with a comprehensive toolkit to navigate complex vasculature quickly and precisely.

Enhanced Engineering for Improved Performance

The Distail™ Microcatheter incorporates stainless steel and tungsten braiding, which enhances its anti-kink properties and promotes high flow rates. This advanced engineering ensures excellent maneuverability and facilitates smooth navigation through intricate peripheral anatomy. With the Distail™ Microcatheter, medical professionals can confidently perform interventions, knowing they have a reliable tool that delivers unparalleled performance.

Easy Spotting and Identification

Recognizing the importance of efficient workflow, APT Medical has designed the Distail™ Microcatheter with hubs in different colors to differentiate between microcatheter sizes. This color-coded system allows medical professionals to easily spot and identify the appropriate microcatheter,  enhancing procedural efficiency.


The Distail™ Microcatheter by APT Medical sets a new benchmark in peripheral interventions, offering a wide range of specifications, comprehensive accessories, enhanced engineering, and accessible spotting features. With its versatile tip options, triple-layer structure, and clear visibility, this microcatheter empowers medical professionals to achieve better clinical outcomes in peripheral interventions. By incorporating the Distail™ Microcatheter into their practice, APT Medical equips medical professionals with a reliable tool to elevate the standard of treatment and improve patient outcomes in peripheral interventions.

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