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Tecloman's Residential Energy Storage System

Tecloman’s Residential Energy Storage System: Empowering Homes with Efficient Battery Solutions

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Tecloman‘s residential energy storage system solution builds on the Firefly series. The high-voltage system combines a BMS control box with 3–8 lithium iron phosphate battery modules. With a capacitance range of 7.5 kWh to 20 kWh, homeowners efficiently store excess PV energy, ensuring continuous power supply during grid failures. Tecloman’s Daisy Chain BMS enhances manageability and integration with high-voltage household inverters.

Maximizing Battery Efficiency: Optimal Utilization and Cost Reduction

The domestic energy storage system from Tecloman maximizes battery usage by storing PV energy for a steady supply of electricity. It decreases reliance on the grid, resulting in economic savings and a greener way of living. Tecloman’s compatibility with popular high-voltage home inverters guarantees a seamless system integration and maximizes system effectiveness.

Uninterrupted Power Supply: Reliability and Continuous Operation

Tecloman’s residential energy storage system is designed to deliver an uninterrupted power supply, offering peace of mind during unexpected outages. With its robust battery modules and advanced BMS control, the system ensures continuous operation and power supply even in the event of grid failures. Homeowners can rely on Tecloman’s solution to keep essential appliances running and maintain their daily routines without disruption. By providing a reliable power backup, Tecloman’s residential energy storage system ensures the comfort and convenience of households, irrespective of external power supply challenges.

Tecloman’s residential energy storage system is a significant step towards efficient home battery solutions. The Firefly series optimizes energy storage, reduces costs, and provides reliable power during grid failures. Integration of a state-of-the-art BMS and compatibility with household inverters enhance performance and the customer experience. Experience the future of energy management with Tecloman’s innovative residential system.

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