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Exploring the Different Types of Air Source Heat Pumps for Commercial Use

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As businesses become more environmentally conscious, finding energy-efficient solutions is becoming increasingly important. One solution that has gained popularity in recent years is air source heat pumps. Not only do they provide a sustainable heating and cooling option, but they also offer cost savings on energy bills. However, with so many types of air source heat pumps available for commercial use, it can be challenging to determine which one is best suited for your business’s needs. This blog will explore the different types of air source heat pumps and help you choose the right one for your commercial property.

Polestar E Series Commercial Heat Pump:

The Polestar E Series from Shenling is an intelligent design that caters to the specific requirements of commercial buildings. Equipped with dual electronic expansion valves, this system ensures precise refrigerant adjustment according to the load demand, thereby enhancing heat exchange efficiency and mitigating the risk of shutdown due to valve failure. The intelligent detection and control technology, along with advanced liquid hammer prevention measures, guarantee safe and efficient operation. The optimized electric control design ensures reliability, with features like separation of strong and weak current, overload protection, and overall waterproofing for enhanced safety.

Polestar EVI Series Commercial Air to Water Heat Pump:

The Polestar EVI Series is specifically designed for commercial hot water applications. It incorporates enhanced vapor injection technology, enabling two-stage compression with a single compressor for increased efficiency. The efficient economizer further enhances performance by optimizing undercooling and superheat levels in the system. With electronic expansion valve control in the auxiliary circuit, this heat pump offers precise adjustment, faster reaction speed, and system stability. Its reliable defrosting design, including one-way valves, suspended heat exchangers, and water and electricity heating belts, ensures uninterrupted operation even in colder climates.

Polestar EVI Pro Series Commercial Quiet Heat Pump:

The Polestar EVI Pro Series is a portable and quiet heat pump designed specifically for commercial spaces that require both heating and cooling. With a plum pattern heat exchanger and a ventilation column for enhanced heat exchange, this heat pump maximizes efficiency while minimizing noise levels. The 4-side removable panel layout allows for easy maintenance, reducing noise further and extending the life cycle of components. Its compact structure and small floor space make it a cost-effective choice, while the U-tube dry shell-and-tube heat exchanger ensures high heat exchange efficiency and easy cleaning.

Polestar INV Series Commercial Cold Climate Heat Pump:

For commercial buildings in cold climates, the Polestar INV Series provides reliable heating solutions. This air source heat pump commercial system offers a one-stop solution for space heating, cooling, and domestic hot water requirements. With a high IPLV (Integrated Part Load Value) of 4.50, exceeding China’s national energy efficiency standards, it delivers exceptional performance and energy savings. The adaptive requirements and intelligent distribution ensure efficient operation by adjusting the operating frequency based on the building’s actual load demand. The low noise operation and optimized structure of this cold climate heat pump create a better application experience for users.

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