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Hikvision Boom Barrier Gate

A Comprehensive Solution for Secure Access Control:Hikvision Boom Barrier Gate

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Ijaz from Digital Ranker Dubai

In an era where security and access control are paramount, Hikvision, a leading provider of video security solutions, introduces the Boom Barrier Gate. This all-in-one device combines essential components such as a fast-speed barrier gate, smart capture camera, supplement light, LCD, and advanced features like anti-vehicle following mode and two-way audio. With its integrated design and cutting-edge capabilities, the Hikvision Boom Barrier Gate is revolutionizing the field of access control systems.

Streamlined Integration

The Hikvision Boom Barrier Gate is designed for seamless integration, offering a highly integrated solution with multiple components combined into a single unit. This device incorporates a fast-speed barrier gate, available in options including straight boom pole, curved boom pole, and fence boom pole, to cater to different access control requirements.

Advanced Anti-Vehicle Following Mode

To address scenarios where a queue of vehicles is present, the Hikvision Boom Barrier Gate offers anti-vehicle following mode. This mode utilizes video and radar/loop technology to detect and manage vehicle queues effectively. The boom pole continues to rise even in a vehicle queue scenario, preventing unauthorized access and resolving traffic congestion.

High-Definition Capture and Display

Equipped with a 4 MP HD camera, the Boom Barrier Gate captures high-quality images with a maximum resolution of 2688 × 1520 and a frame rate of 25 fps. The 1/3’’ progressive scan CMOS sensor ensures clear imaging, while the low illumination capability of 0.022 lux enhances night-time security.

The Hikvision Boom Barrier Gate showcases the company’s commitment to innovative and comprehensive access control solutions. Whether deployed in parking lots, checkpoints, or other entry and exit points, the Hikvision Boom Barrier Gate offers reliability, convenience, and enhanced security.

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